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Denis duquette


With over 10 years of experience working in the photography industry, Denis has worked on productions of all sizes. Directing people and projects in his photography work has translated precisely to directing video. He has a way of working with people that develops world class results. 

Austin Dorion


A passion for storytelling with a high energy approach to his craft. His ability to see a project as a whole and find the shots that will best tell the story is unparalleled. He is distinctly skilled with both a camera and a drone. He works tirelessly to get the shot. 

Ben Agnew

Production Manager

He is a walking, talking agenda. Keeping the team organized, Ben shares a passion of celebrating others. Applying his interpersonal background, his focus is prioritizing coordination amongst the team, and is always sure to bring eagerness and energy 

Marie Lamarche


Whatever the task at hand is, Marie can do it. She is a Jill of all trades, showing her expertise on set or in the office. Marie can turn anything into extraordinary, attention grabbing products that will leave you wanting more.


Jared Wallace


Constantly pushing his editing limits, Jared never gets complacent with his abilities. Mastering his craft day in and day out, there is nothing that he can't do behind the monitor. Having spent years studying media production, bringing art to life through video is where Jared wants to be. 

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